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Dutch and Russian cultures compared

Culture Cruise is a sequel of readings on cross-cultural management. It is developed by RusProject – an international recruitment agency, based in The Netherlands. During  8 years of working in a Russian- Dutch environment, the company has built a solid knowledge of mindsets of both cultures. This knowledge has to be shared in order to strengthen the collaboration and to promote diversity.

The Concept

The readings give insights into differences and similarities of Russian and Dutch business culture. Starting from a brief comparison of values and beliefs, it shows how the consequences of culture can influence the daily practices of a multicultural team. The audience gets customized information on how to understand the nature of the most common misunderstandings and how to deal with conflicts. Complimented with numerous examples and  useful tips , the gained intercultural intelligence can be used right after the presentation. The perception of time and  hierarchy in the business environment, communication style or decision making, attitude to rules or  gender roles in the workplace- these and other cultural settings  are addressed  during the readings.

The material can be given as an in-company training of 1 or 2 days, but also as a presentation of 1 or 2 hours depending on the concept of the event. It can be given in English, Dutch or Russian


Mrs. Elena- Poroschina- Kamphuis is director and founder of RusProject. Born in Leningrad, she has been living in The Netherland for more than 13 years. Besides her recruiting activities, she coaches  Dutch and Russian companies in cross cultural management and communication

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